Tuition is based on the amount of time a student is dancing per week, not the number of classes they are attending. For instance, if a student is taking a 1 one hour lyrical class, and a 1 one and a half hour ballet class, that student will be dancing 2.5 hours per week, at a monthly cost of $126.00.

Hours of Class per Week          Monthly Rate

Up to 1 hour                                                    $59
1.5 hours                                                          $79
2 hours                                                             $105
2.5 hours                                                          $126
3 hours                                                             $141
3.5 hours                                                          $156
4 hours                                                             $167
4.5 hours                                                          $187
5 hours                                                             $198
5.5 hours                                                          $217
6 hours                                                             $228
6.5 hours and up                                            $239


Tuition is based on a full school year, which consists of classes held from August through May. It is paid monthly, specifically every 4 weeks, in full, and in advance.  The rate remains the same whether it is a long (5 week) or short (3 week) month. Payments are made by Credit Card only as tuition will be automatically charged every 4 weeks starting the first day a dancer registers.. Tuition is not pro-rated or refunded for snow days or due to absences.  Make-up classes are strongly encouraged, but are expected to be made up within one month of the student’s absence and must be at the same level or lower.

Class Placement

NMBC’s professionals will determine the appropriate class level for each student based on his/her ability.  While age plays a definite role, especially with younger children, it becomes less and less of a factor in higher levels.  Students will not be moved up because of their age and should not expect to be moved up after a certain amount of time at a level.  Students will advance to the next level when their instructors see they have completed the curriculum requirements.


Dropping a student from a class must be done in person with the front office.  Telling a teacher will not be accepted as a withdrawal.  If a student has not been withdrawn from a class by the end of the month, they will still be considered enrolled for the next month and will be charged automatically.

Make-up Classes

Make-up classes are strongly encouraged, but are expected to be made up within one month of the student’s absence and must be at the same level or lower.  Tuition is not pro-rated or refunded due to absences.

Dress Code

Creative Movement (3-4 Year Olds) – Pink or Black ~ CAPEZIO ~ Child Short Sleeve Leotard – Pink Style No: CC400C          

Pre-Ballet (5-7 Year Olds) – Royal Blue or Black ~ CAPEZIO ~ Child High Neck Tank Leotard – Royal Style No: CC201C

Level I/II- Burgundy or Black ~ CAPEZIO ~ Child High Neck Tank Leotard – Burgundy Style No: CC201C

Level III/IV- Hunter Green or Black ~ CAPEZIO ~ Child High Neck Tank Leotard – Hunter Style No: CC201C

We suggest purchasing your dance shoes and attire at New Mexico Dancewear, a locally owned and operated store, located at 8206 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110 ~ 505-292-2747 ~

New Mexico Dancewear partners with NMBC so our students and dancers receive a 20% Discount and New Mexico Dancewear donates 5% to NMBC. Use number 3643  to receive discount

The following styles have been authorized as alternates for  Styles CC400C $14.54 and CC201C $12.99 for all classes

Eurotard – Style 1043 kids short sleeve leotard $12.91 @ 20% off $10.33 ~ Style 10475 adult short sleeve leotard $16.61 @20% off $13.28

Eurotard – Style 1089 kids tank leotard $13.09 @20% off $10.33 ~ Style 1002 adult tank leotard $16.24 @20%off $12.99

90% cotton/10% spandex and front fully lined ~Kids Sizes 2-3, 4-6, 6x-7, 8-10, 12-14   Adult sizes XS, S, M, L, XL




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