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Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Beginning ~ Intermediate ~ Advanced Ballet, Pointe and Partnering.  Ballet is a dancer’s foundation, mixing strength, discipline, flexibility and artistry.  NMBC is a positive environment where your 3 year old, recreational or pre-professional dancer will thrive.



Jazz & Lyrical

Jazz is an American style of dance with roots tracing back to European and African movements.  It focuses on body isolations and rhythmic patterns. Lyrical dance has a relatively short history and is based on the coming together of ballet with contemporary music and a combination of jazz, modern and hip hop dance styles.  Dancers blend ballet, jazz and hip hop techniques with emotion, musicality and individualistic style.



Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a street dance style, primarily performed to hip-hop music, made popular in the 70’s and 80’s in the United States. It includes movements called breaking, locking, and popping and requires no knowledge of other dance styles.




Tap is the most rhythmic of all the dance styles and teaches great musicality along with strong footwork. Whether you are new to tap, dusting off an old pair of tap shoes or have been taking for a few years, this style is fun and requires no knowledge of other dance styles.





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