Albuquerque Dance Collaborative

Albuquerque Dance Collaborative (ADC) is a collaborative dance group that gives individuals the opportunity to learn and train with other artists in the Albuquerque area. The team has a successful history based in hard work, integrity, and artistry. ADC is the official competition team of New Mexico Ballet Company’s school and strives to provide dancers with the means to train and improve their artistry through competition in a safe and healthy environment.

Through ADC, dancers learn the value of hard work and dedication through a focus on cross-training in various styles and genres of movements. Dancers are required to take ballet, jazz, and specific team class each week in addition to various other styles and rehearsals. ADC competes in at least 3 local competitions and conventions per season and travels out of state for a National Finals each summer. In addition to a rich history of success, ADC focuses on training individuals to not only be stellar dancers and artists, but also human beings.


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Group 1, (ages 9-12) 1:00-2:30

Group 2, (ages 13-16) 2:45-4:15

Group 3, (ages 17-19) 4:30-6:00

$15 audition fee

*Audition times/groups subject to change based on interest and room capacity

ADC is excited to be hosting auditions for its’ 7th season! Dancers of all abilities ages 9 to 19 are invited to join us Sunday, August 23rd, 2020 at New Mexico Ballet Company for a class evaluation. Audition will consist of a ballet barre, jazz technique, and a choreography combo.

In order to audition, dancers must register for an audition time through NMBC’s JackRabbit portal for the time corresponding to their age. Due to building capacity, audition group sizes will be limited and may be subject to change depending on number of dancers registered. Masks must be worn at all times and all dancers must sign COVID release forms prior to entering audition.

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2020-2021 Information Packet




Team Updates!

July 5th, 2019

This past week our wonderful dancers wrapped up their season at the Showbiz National Finals in Anaheim, CA. After a season filled with hard work, the dancers of ADC left their hearts out on the stage and earned a few top honors in the process. We could not be more proud of our dancers hard work and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for our team.


  • 7th Place Senior National Small Group, Elite Champion – Bad Guy
  • 5th Place Senior National Small Group Finalist, 6th Place Senior National Small Group, Elite Champion – Mein Herr
  • 5th Place Senior National Trio, Platinum Champion – Hands Dirty
  • 3rd Place Senior National Solo Champion, Senior National Mr. Showbiz, Senior National Lyrical Icon – 65 Roses (Tanner)
  • 1st Place Senior National Duo/Trio Champion, 2nd Place Senior Duo/Trio Showdown Champion, Elite Champion – Kissing You

UP NEXT: 2019-2020 Season Auditions on July 25th, 2019!

APRIL 30TH, 2019

April has been a busy month for the members of ADC! Over the past few weeks, dancers, in addition to training, have competed in 3 different regional competitions (Starpower Talent, CRU Dance, and Showbiz Talent) earning themselves top honors at each. Their hard work and dedication to their craft and passion for dance was recognized every time they took to the stage and has certainly helped in leaving a lasting impact on the history of ADC. While this weekend concluded our regional competition season, we look forward to continuing our training and preparing for the Showbiz Talent National Finals held in Anaheim, CA this June! Please help our dancer getting their by supporting through our upcoming fundraisers including flower sales at recital, a car wash and car wash passes, a dance-a-thon, sponsorship, and a dine-to-donate evening with a local restaurant.

Awards and Recognitions:

Starpower Talent Competion

  • 8th Place 15-19 Advanced Solo, 5 Star Champion, PowerPak Invitee, World of Dance Scholarship – Lost Without You (Joely)
  • 2nd Place 15-19 Advanced Solo, 5 Star Elite Champion, World Dance Pageant Scholarship, PowerPak Invitee – Vincent (Tanner)
  • 5th Place 15-19 Advanced Duo/Trio, 5 Star Champion, PowerPak Invitee – Hands Dirty
  • 2nd Place 15-19 Advanced Duo/Trio, 5 Star Elite Champion, Amazing Connection Award – Kissing You
  • 3rd Place 15-19 Advanced Small Group, 5 Star Elite Champion, Most Entertaining Award, Chuck Crist Memorial Award- Mein Herr
  • 1st Place 15-19 Advanced Small Group, 5 Star Elite Champion, Best Choreography Award, World Dance Championship “Golden Ticket” Recipient – Wild Horses

CRU Dance Competition

  • 2nd Place Senior Solo, 4th Highest Score of Entire Competition – Lost Without You (Joely)
  • 1st Place Senior Solo, 3rd Highest Score of Entire Competition, Judge’s Choice Awards – Vincent (Tanner)
  • Highest Score of Entire Competition, 1st Place Senior Small Group, Choreography Review Champion, Best Precision – Wild Horses

Showbiz Talent Competition

  • 3rd Place Pre-Senior Solo, Platinum Champion – In the Dark (Alex)
  • 2nd Place Pre-Senior Solo, Miss Showbiz, Platinum Champion – Retrograde (Lindsey)
  • 3rd Place Senior Solo, Senior Solo Costume Winner, Platinum Champion- Lost Without You (Joely)
  • 1st Place Senior Solo, Mr. Showbiz, Elite Champion – 65 Roses (Tanner)
  • 3rd Place Senior Duo, Platinum Champion – Hands Dirty
  • 2nd Place Senior Duo, Elite Champion – Kissing You
  • 5th Place Senior Small Group, Platinum Champion – 42
  • 4th Place Senior Small Group, Platinum Champion – Mein Herr
  • 3rd Place Senior Small Group, Diamond Choreography Award, Elite Champion – Wild Horses
  • 2nd Place Senior Small Group, Elite Champion – Anymore
  • 1st Place Senior Small Group, Diamond Icon (Highest Scoring Group of Entire Competition), Elite Champion – Bad Guy

FEBRUARY 20th, 2019

Over the weekend ADC attended Encore Performing Arts Talent Competition at the KIVA Auditorium and what a success it was. After weeks of hard work our dancers took to the stage and showed their wonderful artistic ability and delivered stellar performances! As a result, our team walked away with many awards and accolades including:

  • Division 3 Grand Champions, Highest Scoring Senior Group, Highest Scoring Senior Small Group, Judge’s Choice Award – Anymore
  • Showstopper Award – Mein Herr
  • Senior Duet/Trio Champion – Kissing You
  • Senior Solo Champion, Broadway Dance Center Scholarship, $40,000 Scholarship to AMDA – Vincent (Tanner)
  • Senior Solo 6th Place, Dancer Expo Scholarship – Retrograde (Lindsey)
  • Teen Solo 4th Place, AMDA High School Summer Intensive Scholarship – In the Dark (Alex)


NOVEMBER 5th, 2018

Recently, we attend our first team event of the season, NUVO Dance Convention and Competition. Over the course of the weekend, the team took over 15 classes with world-renowned dancers, teachers and choreographers as well as showcased a routine in front of that faculty. Various members of the team walked away with partial and full scholarships to The Dance Awards for their work in classes. In addition, Tanner received a 6th place overall in Senior Solo and our group piece “Anymore” was awarded 1st place as well as Highest Scoring Senior Contemporary and Best Nu Senior Group!

We are grateful for such a strong start to our season and look forward to what the future holds in store!

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